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Thursday - April 19, 2018

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MailWasher is a free (or at least it was when I downloaded it,) software program which allows you to view your email BEFORE it ever gets onto your PC. If it's a virus, you'll be able to view the headers from where it REALLY came from, as well as delete it before it ever gets into your computer. It also allows you to bounce emails to real spammers- so they will think it's a bad email address, and eventually quit sending you spam.

Ad Aware is a free software program which allows you to deeply scan your computer for malware, cookies, and other identifyers. It will also remove tricky ones like Gator.

Spy Sweeper is a trialware program which does the same type of thing as Ad Aware, but some reviews say it does a better job of removing and detecting the bad cookies and programs. (I run both, and really haven't discovered much difference.)

Symantec is a virus information and removal site- which has an excellent track record of accurate virus information FIRST. :)

Trend Micro is a company which developed their own anti-virus software, but also has a *FREE* Virus Scan on their site.

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Help Missing Children with the Patterns of Love Project. "The Comforting Of Sparrow"  is the new 2003 pattern for the Patterns Of Love Project! Order yours today!

Original Design Patterns by Hall Glass Studios available now!

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